New Form 5106 Importer ID Input Record Delays Customs Bond Filing

The CBP is requiring a new from 5106 (Importer ID Input Record). We cannot file a new customs bond until the 5106 has been accepted by CBP.  The form 5106 must be accepted before we can file your customs bond. 

  • According to the CBP, the average turn-around for completing a 5106 form is now 10 business days. In real-world terms, we haveUS customs From 5106 noticed a turnaround of 12-15 business days when the form is correctly filled out.
  • We cannot request status updates unless it has been at least 11 business days since the 5106 was filed with Customs. . Additional status requests slow down the response time.
  • We are not able to submit duplicate requests on the same form without notice of rejection from the CBP. This means we must wait until the CBP officially acknowledges that a form is invalid before we can resubmit.

Is there anything I can do to speed the process of filing form 5106?

  • While there are only a few “required” fields in the new 5106 we are finding that the information completed on the form, the faster the turn around time. We have noticed this across multiple submissions to CBP.
  • Please ensure the importer number is correctly formatted, with the exception of social security numbers all importer numbers are  eleven digits. P
  • Please make sure you are filling out the 5106 correctly, there are instances where a zip code is missed or a required piece of information is missed.
  • The person signing has an approved title. “Managing member” is not acceptable. The CBP requires a CEO, COO, CFO, Secretary, or Managing Director.
  • All 5106 forms must have a signature. An e-signature is not acceptable  

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